Social Commitment

Social commitment and responsibility through contributions and support is becoming increasingly important. Name ISP therefore engages in various projects and tries to contribute with what we can, both in supportive organizations and sports.


Name ISP premier support of activities that activate people and preferably mostly young people. Sport is fascinating, it can create both short-term grief and long-term joy. But also a huge commitment between people. In particular, it contributes to the youth's activity and strengthened health.

Name ISP has supported several sports clubs for many years in various ways, such as IFK Göteborg, Frölunda Indians, Kärra HF, Stenkullen GoIK, Kopparbergs Göteborg FC and more.

Social mission

Name ISP selects one or more organizations each year as we support a little extra commitment, which is part of our values and which can contribute to a better social climate or welfare. Below are some examples of organizations and projects that Name ISP has supported over the years (selection).

  • 2021 Läkare Utan Gränser
  • 2021 Hovås Billdal IF
  • 2020 Unicef
  • 2020 Giving People
  • 2020 Nattvandrarna
  • 2019 Giving People
  • 2019 Nattvandrarna
  • 2018 Unicef
  • 2018 Göteborgsvarvet
  • 2018 Nattvandrarna
  • 2018 Giving People
  • 2017 Unicef
  • 2017 Giving People
  • 2017 Kärra handboll ungdom
  • 2016 Nattvandrarna
  • 2015 Göteborgs DFF Damjunior
  • 2014 Läkare utan gränser
  • 2014 Röda Korset Filippinerna
  • 2014 Missing People
  • 2013 Unicef
  • 2012 Grunden Bois (Club 2003)
  • 2012 Rädda Barnen
  • 2011 Rädda Barnen
  • 2008 Cancer och Allergifonden
  • 2007 Cancer och Allergifonden
  • 2006 Cancer och Allergifonden
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