Vision and Values

An important part for us is to stick to the established visions we have and also to act for values that create a good working environment, but also drive us forward.


We want to be the obvious choice when it comes to domain names, portfolios and domain name management.

We always strive to be accredited registrars in as many places as possible in the world, and to always offer a good and prompt support for our customers and partners.

We want to simplify and encourage the domain handling in a simple and secure manner, regardless of which of the world's top level domains our customers or partners may wish to register.


Our passion is to develop the domain name industry, and it is important for us to work with dedication.

We dare to take the lead, dare to keep the pace and should provide guidance.

Other key words are respect, integrity and professionalism. It is also important for us to protect the environment. This is why we use electronic invoicing and electronic faxes in order to minimize the use of paper, and use environmentally classed vehicles.

By living up to all this we give ourselves, our employees, our partners and our customers, a secure foundation built on quality.