New Top Level Domains

The Internet is expanding and the new top level domain program is now up and running. A large amount is already launched and more is to come. On this page we will keep you updated on the launch dates for all coming TLDs.

Name ISP will of course offer registrations under all of these new TLDs. To apply for a domain name under a already launched TLD, you can place an order as usual through our domain search bar.

Sunrise applications

If you wish to apply for some new TLDs in Sunrise phase, please contact us via email at, and we will help you! For information about the application process in the Sunrise phases, please see our landing page for Trademark Clearinghouse. 

GA = General Availability

General Availability is the most common used expression for go live date for new TLDs. This is the launch date we are using below and means that from this date, you can apply for registrations in the TLD with the normal rules as a basis.


Upcoming TLDs

Top Level Domain Launch Date (GA)

Newly launched TLDs

Top Level Domain Launch Date (GA)