A distinct domain name can be just as important of an asset as an established brand when a company looks to strengthen its identity on the web. Given that a large portion of a company's marketing is concentrated on web campaigns and social media, the domain name has taken on even greater significance.

To select and register a strong domain name, it is often recommended that a company communicates with its target customer base to extract specific key words that customers associate with the business. A top class domain name should directly connect with your company's values and convey your value proposition. Once you have found such a domain name, Name ISP can help you acquire it—all with the idea of achieving your marketing and communications objectives.

Acquiring a domain name

The circumstances determine how one aggressively takes over, in other words, acquires, an already registered domain name. In takeover cases where one can prove that trademark infringement has occurred, legal recourse is taken, but it is more often about acquiring the domain name from the current owner in a professional and productive manner.

A typically successful acquisition starts with identifying the owner of the domain, contacting him or her, beginning negotiations concerning a suitable price for the domain name, and eventually transferring ownership and the purchase sum safely and efficiently through our system.

Name ISP is your clear choice when you want to acquire a certain domain name. We perform a thorough check concerning ownership, analyze background information and then present a strategy for how you can quickly become the eventual owner of the domain name. We help you throughout the entire process from the transfer of the domain and possible purchase, to handling the administrative aspects associated with the transfer of ownership and verifying that the transfer has gone through. Don't hesitate to contact us for your domain name acquisition needs!

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