Auto Renewal

Name ISPs convenient service for auto renewal is very popular. We offer it completely free of charge and recommends all customers to turn on auto renewal of their domain names, to avoid problems with domains expiring by mistake.

Name ISPAuto renewal service is a free setup, that works for every domain name at Name ISP. This setting means that Name ISP automatically create a renewal order for you, unlike else then you must remember to do this.

All created auto renewal orders will be completed in time for the domains expiration date, after the customer has agreed payment.

It is possible to enable auto renewal either at the registration process or afterwards in the Client Area. Via the settings in your account you can also specify this as the default setting (change applies to new orders from that you turn on/off default setting).

By indicating the auto renewal of a domain, you are certifying that you understand the paragraphs concerning auto renewal in the Name ISP general terms and conditions. There is no guarantee that your domain can be renewed even though you indicate auto renewal of a domain. A requirement that a domain is renewed is that payment for renewal can be secured.