Domain Management

Are you looking for a smooth administration and management of your domain names? Do you want to have all gathered in the same domain portfolio, avoid thinking about renewals and avoid having to worry about the risk of losing an important domain name?

Then you should choose our domain management service.

Name ISPLarge corporations often have many domain names - sometimes thousands of names. Names that are critical for the organization and which could lead to a disaster if they should expire and fall into the wrong hands.

Company leaders are often chocked when they find out how careless the management of their corporate domain names are being handled. Often times important names get registered by people in different departments, sometimes names are even registered by people who aren't employed with the corporation anymore.

In order to be able to maintain large domain portfolios you need alot of know-how, competent management systems and careful follow-up. Name ISP are experts of domain management and with our systems you get instantaneous control of your registered names. We make sure your domains get valid contact information, renewal invoices get paid in time and monitor names that are of interest for future registration.

Price information

All prices are quoted and are based on the number of domain names you choose to put management on. We are working for an affordable step model. Upgrading management service takes place automatically when the number of domain name exceeds the range of the current management level. In addition annual fees for each domain will be charged.

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