Have you started a negotiation on a domain name, which you should sell or buy? Then we can help you complete a transaction securely.

Regardless of whether you would like to purchase a certain domain name or sell domain names which you no longer use, Name ISP can assist you to make a really good and safe deal. We manage the entire process from contract signing to the final payment. As a purchaser Name ISP assures you that the domain name is registered in your name and that as a seller you get the agreed payment amount!

How it works:

  1. The purchaser and seller accept the conditions of the transaction of the purchase sum and the re-registration of the current domain name.
  2. The purchaser pays the agreed purchase sum to Name ISP via a bank transfer, PayPal or credit card. Name ISP informs the seller when the purchase sum has been received.
  3. At this stage the seller is encouraged to transfer the ownership right of the domain name to the purchaser. Name ISP has access and contact with most of the domain registers and can check that the re-registration has actually been conducted.
  4. The purchaser informs Name ISP as soon as it has received a confirmation that the registration has been conducted with the domain register.
  5. Name ISP moves the domain to us with the authcode we get from the seller so that the customer has full control after a successful purchase.
  6. Name ISP verifies that the domain name has been registered in the purchaser's name and finally transfers the purchase sum to the seller.

Benefits for sellers

  • 100% safe deal
  • Guaranteed payment as soon as the re-registration has been confirmed by the purchaser
  • Access to Name ISP's customer service via telephone and e-mail
  • Cost-efficient as Name ISP manages the entire process

Benefits for purchasers

  • 100% safe deal
  • Safe payment via bank transfer, PayPal or credit card
  • The purchase sum is paid to the seller only when the re-registration has been confirmed
  • Access to Name ISP's customer service via telephone and e-mail

What does the service cost?

  • Name ISPs remuneration is 10% of the total agreed payment sum.

It is important to be confident that you are making a good deal. Especially when it comes to internet deals. By making use of the longstanding experience and vast industry knowledge of Name ISP, you can feel calm and safe throughout the entire process. Make a safe choice and hire Name ISP if you would like to sell or purchase a domain name! Contact us on telephone number +46.31 3011220 or via if you have any questions or would like additional information.

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