Legal Services

Has someone registered a domain name containing your brand or company name? Our experienced legal experts will provide a free assessment of your chances to obtain it. Or do you want information on how you can continuously monitor your brand?

Name ISPName ISPs team with established lawyers, can assist you in these important issues. Please contact us for more information on how you can proceed with your case.

Legal Assistance with domain names

Name ISPs team includes very frequently hired legal experts for domain name issues. Our legal team helps companies across Europe look after their brands online and enforce their rights when necessary. The team also provides free assessments of situations in order to help our clients know what options they have in each specific case.

Get in touch to get a free assessment of your situation what options are available, or to learn more about how we can help you with domain name monitoring and advise on a continuous basis.

Domain Name Monitoring

Domain cybersquatting can cause brand owners lost sales and brand damage, so make sure you are aware of weather others are using your brand in URLs. Some infringements are necessary to remove, while many are not.

Name ISPs legal team is specialized in online brand protection. The domain monitoring service will identify domain name that either match or are similar to your brand or company name. The main difference between our service and others' is that all hits are analyzed and filtered by the legal team before reaching the client, and clients get tailor-made recommendations on actions to take though regular status meetings. Unanalyzed lists of domains tend to merely cause stress at the client. With our method you will receive nothing but valuable information, which will make your job easier.

The legal team is also qualified to assist with enforcement actions globally.

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