Local Presence

Most countries require business owners or private individuals fulfill certain requirements when registering a domain name and the domain extension— .no, .fi, .br as the top-level domain (TLD). A common requirement when registering a domain name and TLD is "local presence", which states that the administrator of the domain must live in the country where the domain will be registered. This requirement can stipulate other forms of local ties, or even require that your trademark is registered in the country concerned.

Name ISPs advanced service enables registration of domain names in over 30 countries. We make sure you fulfill the specific requirements, regardless of country, and help you register all of the foreign domain names you need!

Thanks to our extensive network, we can secure, protect and market your business and your brand in countries where it would otherwise be impossible. We currently offer local presence in over 30 countries. Name ISP constantly strive to increase visibility for your business and facilitate opportunities for you to work wherever in the world you wish. Our service is provided in compliance with the relevant regulations and has been developed in cooperation with legal partners for each country—all to guarantee a reliable and lasting service that leads to successful domain registration every time.

By using Name ISPs effective service, we ensure that your business is visible in places where your services and products are the most sought after and where you have the most to gain. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our service, or if you are in need of local presence in a country that has not yet made our list of approved partners.