Premium Anycast DNS

The partnership with Excedo Networks enables Name ISP to offer all customers the ability to upgrade from Standard DNS to Premium Anycast DNS by a single click in the control panel. All domains registered with Name ISP can use Premium Anycast DNS.

The combination of registering your domain name through Name ISP and using the Excedo Premium Anycast DNS service, gives your company access to a global advanced DNS service that guarantees 100% DNS availability at prices from 99 SEK per month.

This is included:

  • Manage all types of DNS Records (A, MX, CNAME, TXT, SRV, etc).
  • Manage web-redirects (HTTP Re-direct).
  • Manage email forwarding.
  • All changes are logged, you see all the differences in your zone files.
  • Possibility of multiple user accounts.
  • 100% SLA at name resolution, always available!
  • Extreme redundancy distributed over several autonomous systems.
  • Access to Excedo experts and specialists in DNS.
  • Monitoring 24/7/365.
  • Error report is available 24/7/365.
  • Phone support is available between 9-17 during working days.
  • All integrated in the same control panel.
  • Updates via control panel available 24/7/365.

Excedo Premium Anycast DNS guarantees 100% DNS availability

The service is based on a DNS platform with robust infrastructure, including:

  • Name servers that are connected to several operators simultaneously through the use of IP Anycast technology.
  • Data Centers spread over 57 locations worldwide across four continents.
  • Network is divided into several clouds for redundancy.
  • Five (5) name servers, which all respond authorative for the domain.
  • Developed support for EDNS, IPv6 and DNSSEC.

Excedo Premium Anycast DNS offers DNSSEC by default at no extra cost, which increases security and makes it difficult to manipulate the information that traffic the domain name system. With DNSSEC, DNS lookups are signed with cryptographic keys, thus ensuring that the replies are really from the right source and have not been changed during the transfer.

More information about the service (at Excedo)

Order of the service is done through the Name ISP control panel.

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