Shield Whois

To hide your real personal data in the public whois, you can use our shield whois service and apply it on several TLDs. Now with our upgraded version and without extra cost.

Note! This service is currently not relevant, for most top-level domains. Due to GDPR etc, many registries have chosen to hide most public information in Whois. The Shield Whois service should not be considered relevant at the moment. This may change in the future, but at present many public data are hidden by default.

Name ISPWhois is databases that supplies contact information for all owners of domain names and IP addresses. Anybody can access the databases to view the information stored there. As a domain owner, that means your full name, email address and telephone number are public information that anyone can view, and in the worst case, misuse. With the help of our Whois protection, your personal information in the actual database is concealed, eliminating the risk that it falls in to the wrong hands.

The service is completely free for all who have domains with Name ISP as registrar. In Client Area on our website, you can turn shield whois on and off as you want on your domains. Note that for those in Sweden common TLDs .SE and NU, protected whois is standard for all domains with private individuals and private firms as owners. For companies shield whois is not working there. There are a number of top level domains where it technically does not work. See further down for a list of the TLDs where we support Shield whois.

With our service, your actual personal information is concealed and replaced with an alternative, working set of information. This way, you are protected against people who systematically search through the database looking for email and postal addresses to send junk mail and advertisements to. As the domain owner, you are given complete control throughout the entire process.

Our service for Shield Whois forwards any correspondence. This way you do not lose potential business opportunities but are, at the same time, protected against unscrupulous individuals.

You can deactivate the service at any time and go back to displaying your actual personal information. Let us protect your personal information and secure your internet presence 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

You can activate Shield Whois through Client Arena at or when you order registration of a new domain name.

Shield Whois is supported on the following TLDs

.com .net .info .academy .agency .associates .bargains .bike .boutique .builders .cab .camera .camp .cards .careers .catering .center .cheap .cleaning .clothing .codes .coffee .community .company .computer .construction .contractors .cool .cruises .diamonds .directory .domains .education .email .energy .enterprises .equipment .estate .expert .exposed .farm .flights .florist .foundation .gallery .glass .graphics .guru .holdings .holiday .house .institute .international .kitchen .land .lighting .limo .management .marketing .photography .photos .plumbing .recipes .rentals .repair .shoes .singles .solar .solutions .support .systems .technology .tips .today .training .vacations .ventures .viajes .villas .voyage .watch .works .xn--czrs0t .xn--hx814e .zone .condos .properties .maison .tienda .dating .events .partners .productions .tools .industries .parts .supplies .supply .fish .report .vision .services .capital .engineering .exchange .gripe .lease .media .pictures .reisen .toys .university .town .wtf .fail .financial .limited .care .clinic .surgery .dental .tax .cash .fund .investments .furniture .discount .fitness .schule .gratis .claims .credit .creditcard .digital .accountants .finance .insure .loans .church .life .guide .direct .place .deals .city .healthcare .restaurant .gifts .sarl .pizza .immo .business .network .world .delivery .coach .memorial .legal .money .tires .chat .bingo .tennis .style .apartments .casino .school .football .golf .tours .gold .plus .express .cafe .team .jewelry .show .dog .theater .taxi .hockey .run .movie .coupons .soccer .fyi .mba .reise .asia .xxx .org .la .pw .jp.ncom .coop .bar .ink .rest .wiki .xyz .website .press .host .space .design .college .site .tech .online .fans .love .tickets .rent .mobi .biz

Example of unprotected domain without Shield Whois

Example of protected domain with Shield Whois