SSL Certificate

Secure your site traffic! An SSL certificate is an important addition to having on your website so that your visitors feel secure. Not least for webshops and other sites where visitors need to fill in personal and banking information. It also affects the ranking of your website at Google.

At Name ISP you can subscribe to all types of SSL certificates, from several of the largest suppliers. We help you protect your online communication!

SSLAn SSL certificate is a type of electronic ID that has now become standard on the internet. Just as people can identify themselves with ID cards or passports, a website can legitimize itself with an SSL certificate. Through a web browser, a check of the certificate can be made to identify the holder.

With an SSL certificate, visitors feel safer, which is of great importance for both trust and revenue. SSL certificates also have a significant ranking factor in the search engines.

Secure connections with SSL certificates

 Your visitors will be browsing https instead of http, safe and secure!

SSL A padlock will be displayed at the top left of the browser when browsing your website.

 Secure information! All information entered into the browser is encrypted and kept safe!

Packages and prices (including VAT)

Standard SSL

Premium SSL

Wildcard SSL

Binding period of 12 months from 37 SEK/month from 199 SEK/month from 187 SEK/month
Delivery time < 1 day < 7 days < 1 day
Domain validation (DV) SSL   SSL
Extended validation (EV)   SSL  
Validates organization   SSL  
Protects all subdomains     SSL
Padlock in the address bar SSL SSL SSL
Green address bar   SSL  
Proves domain ownership SSL SSL SSL
Boosts search enginge rankning SSL SSL SSL
Security seal SSL SSL SSL

Satisfied customer guarantee - full refund within 14 days!

SSLWe at Name ISP obviously want you as a customer to feel safe and satisfied. Therefore, we always offer 14 days of cancellation on SSL certificates! If you do not feel satisfied, we offer full refund.

If you want to undo your purchase of an SSL certificate, contact our customer service and we will help you.

Our suppliers

Comodo   Sectigo Comodo   Symantec   GeoTrust   Globalsign   Thawte 

What is SSL?

An SSL certificate establishes an encrypted link between your web server and your visitors' web browsers. It ensures that all data sent between the parties remains private and protected. An SSL certificate is a type of electronic credential that allows a website to identify itself and guarantee its authenticity. It is basically a file that is installed on the web server for the current website.

As a visitor, you can see if a website does not use SSL certificates. In the browser there is a padlock icon at the top left before the address bar, if the page has a certificate installed. A warning message can also be displayed that indicates that the page is not secure and you are asked "are you sure you want to visit this page?" Then you have to press Yes or No.

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