Trademark Clearinghouse

When ICANN during the summer of 2012 revealed the list of all applications in the new TLD program, there were 1930 applications. This large amount of new TLDs will change a lot of current activity on the Internet, and the requirements for intangible assets and brands will be even harder than before. Therefore, ICANN decided that there should be a so-called Trademark Clearinghouse.

Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is a database that will increase the protection of trademarks on the Internet. Simply put, this is a central repository for information about brands and their owners, to be verified, stored and disseminated. The idea is that the holder of a trademark should only have to register it in one place, when they wish to cover the launch of the all new TLDs. The use of TMCH is a requirement for all new TLDs.

How to apply for TMCH?

If you are interested in TMCH, please contact us and we will help you.