Transfer Domains to Name ISP

Collect all your domains in one place! We can initiate registrar transfers for all active top level domains. Move your domains to us and create your own domain portfolio

Name ISPBy transfering your domains to Name ISP, you will have complete control of your domain names and can also take advantage of our efficient services we have to offer! You no longer have to work with several different registrars, and you will get easy management and access to the registration of the world's top-level domains.

Moving a domain requires, in most cases, a so-called authorization code, which you get from your current provider (known as registrars). Using the code, we can move your domain to us and we will assume the role as your new registrar.

There are slightly different rules for different top-level domains, we will send you specific instructions to your email for each domain name, after transfer orders have been placed.

Once you have approved the domain transfer it can take up to two weeks before it is completed, normal for most generic top-level domains (like .COM and .NET) is five to six days. We can transfer .SE domains and .NU domains the same day that we receive a valid authorization code.

It is not uncommon that you will be contacted by your current registrar at the time of transfer, as an extra security on their part. Once the domain is transfered to Name ISP it means that you will login to our control panel to carry out renewals and changes for your domains.

How to order a domain transfer to Name ISP

  1. To order a Registrar transfer, you need to place an item (domain name) in the shopping cart. The first step is to search for your domain in our search engine. You will find this at our start page or always at the top of

Transfer Domain

  1. You can start the process even if you are logged in or not. If you do not have an account, you can create it later in the process. If logged in, there is a bulk search option, which may be a tip if you have a list of many domain names.
  2. Once you've searched for a domain, you'll get a search result that shows that your domain is taken. By clicking the "Transfer" button, you place an order in the cart.
  3. In this process, you will also see a box asking you to enter an authorization code (as obtained from the current registrar) for the domain. Enter the code and continue, if there is no code, just click Add. If you still need a code, you can add it via the control panel later.

Transfer Domain

  1. Then you go to the cart to complete your order. You are able to approve terms and any payment before you can complete your order.
  2. After you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email sent to your specified e-mail address, as well as additional information as required to complete the order.

Considerations for a domain transfer to Name ISP

  1. Make sure you have access to the administrative email address associated with the domain name, it might be necessary to verify the domain transfer.
  2. Make sure the domain is not inactive. You can not move a domain to a new registrar if your domain expires in 14 days, it is not sure that the process can be completed within this time.
  3. Most TLDs require an authorization code in order to transfer a domain. You get this code from your current registrar.
  4. You can not move a domain to Name ISP that has not been active in a total of 60 days. Have you just registered your domain, or moved it, you have to wait until it passed 60 days from that date.
  5. Be sure to verify that your domain is not locked at the current registrar. When you contact them to get the authorization code, make sure that they also unlock the domain at the same time.
  6. When you move your domain to Name ISP the domain will in most cases be automatically extended by one year.